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A collection of specialized departments working in tandem to create gorgeous, multi-faceted event installations.

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Our team of live sound engineers are able to custom design live audio systems tailored for your venue that ensure clean, accurate sound. Our extensive inventory is constantly updated with equipment from industry-leading manufacturers to cater to your specific event needs and deliver the highest quality sound in any environment.

Line-Array sound systems are the best way to cover a large audience. They can be stacked on the stage or flown from the ceiling.

Monitors, SOS, and Fill cabinets for sound reinforcement on stage, and in banquet halls for smaller to medium sized audiences.

Audio Mixing Consoles and Front of House services for concerts, corporate events and galas when clear, intelligible audio is paramount.

We stock a variety of wireless and wired microphone systems for spoken word, vocal performance, and instrument/drum mics.


Our team of experienced lighting designers and technicians can transform any space with artistic lighting installations using a myriad of techniques.

Uplighting is the perfect addition to add a pop of color to your event or reception. We offer several options for uplighting including conventional par cans, LED uplights & wall-washers, and battery-powered uplighting.

Pinspots project a focused beam of light that can be used to highlight decor, floral arrangements, cakes- you name it! We offer the latest in pin-spotting technology with battery powered,  fully-adjustable, magnetic pinspots that are so versatile they can be placed virtually anywhere, and discrete so they don’t detract from your decor.

With the ability to be actively controlled, it is possible to completely change the look, mood, and feel of your venue dynamically throughout your event. Use it to project monograms, breakup patterns, add excitement to the dance floor, or spotlight entrances and other special moments that give your event a polished and professional feel.

Conventional PAR cans, ellipsoidals, follow spots and other theatrical/stage lighting is perfect for stage, product displays, buffet/food stations, and anywhere else functional lighting is necessary.

String lights and hanging lanterns are elegant ways to light a space with the soft glow of romantic white light. We stock a variety of sizes and color choices to best fit with your decor scheme.

We stock chandeliers in many styles and sizes, as well as pendant lights, floor mounted, and other specialty lighting.

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Video & Presentation DEPARTMENT

We carry a wide variety of projector & screen sizes perfect for large corporate events + galas to display videos, presentations, and logos.

With TVs ranging from 39″-90″, we stock many display options for small private and corporate events to display sponsor logos, slideshows, digital signage, videos, and program content.

Video tiles that can be interlocked to form large and unique video displays for a stunning viewer experience.

Often referred to as a “Live Feed,” image magnification (IMAG) is a technique that uses one or more cameras to enlarge a presenter or entertainer in order to give the audience a better view.

Textiles Department

Our production designers are able to transform any event space with fabric. Ask about our extensive inventory of drapery fabric and color options to find the perfect style for your event. We also stock hardware able to accommodate heights from 3 to 25 feet- as well as truss mountable drape to any height. We pride ourselves on our ability to custom cut and fit drape designs on-site at any venue, and our fabricators and technicians can create custom solutions for even the most ambitious fabric treatments.

Our softwares fabrication department is also able to custom make specialty drape, linens, decorative fabric objects and screens, custom covers for props and decor- you name it!

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Floral Department

With an extensive inventory of specialty glassware and decor options, our floral designers can offer limitless possibilities to enhance your event with flowers. Combining our floral department with our fabrication capabilities gives us an edge with specialty decor like flower walls and chandeliers. Not only can we design the floral, but our riggers can create custom structures, walls, and rig anything that needs to hang.

  • Centerpieces
  • Personals
  • Extensive Decor + Glassware Options
  • Flower Walls, Rings, Chuppahs, & Chandeliers


  • Furniture: Various styles of seating options, tables, accent pieces and other decor elements.
  • Event Carpet & Flooring: From red carpet runners to full venue carpeting, marley, vinyl, and fabric wraps, we can customize flooring options to fit your event style.
  • Staging: Stage decking and infrastructure for various stage heights and sizes. Custom stage covers, fabric-skirts and closure panels, custom stage sets.
  • Bars + Backbars: Custom made event bars and backbars for any design style.
  • Props + Sets: From lanterns and small decor elements to custom built and themed stage sets.
  • Carpentry: Custom props, furniture and decor can be made upon request in our fabrication shop!
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  • Signage: Custom printed foamcore & gatorboard signage options.
  • Banners & Backdrops: Large format fabric and vinyl printing options for banners and backdrops to enhance stages, entranceways, bars, or other event elements.
  • Die Cut Vinyl: Single and multi color die-cut vinyl application is perfect for dance floor monograms & decals, as well as bar, and other prop branding opportunities. Vinyl can even be printed directly for full color dance floor murals.
  • Dance Floor Wraps: Partial and full graphic wraps that can be custom printed and applied to any size dance floor.
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